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"The conference provided a great overview of sustainability issues and objectives."

Anna Weekes, Strategic Sourcing Manager, Becton Dickinson


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September 2015 Programme summary

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SPSS Masterclass 1 (10am – 1.00pm):
What’s new in Sustainable Procurement?

The Latest Innovations and Best Practice in Action

This intensive half-day session is aimed at organisations in the early stages of developing a sustainable procurement strategy but will also act as a valuable update for those who have already started the process. Industry experts and practitioners will cover core principles, innovations, key risks and current best practice - to help you build an effective sustainable purchasing strategy that fits the specific characteristics of your organisation and delivers maximum benefit through your own supply / value chain.

09.30 Arrival & Registration
10.00 Welcome & Introduction
Chair: Aleyn Smith-Gillespie, Associate Director, The Carbon Trust

Panel discussion and Q&A:
The Business Case & Key Risks: Are They Getting Any Clearer?

Key focus areas include:

  • What are the most important drivers in the supply chain?
  • How to translate this into an effective and compelling business case and call for action?
11.20 Coffee & Networking

Panel discussion and Q&A:
Leading the Way: Supplier Collaboration & Stakeholder Engagement

Key focus areas include:

  • What are effective models of collaboration with suppliers? How do these enable change and innovation?
  • How to prioritise where and how to engage suppliers?
  • What changes need to happen internally within buying organisations to enable collaboration?
12.45 Conclusions & Closing Comments
Chair: Aleyn Smith-Gillespie, Associate Director, The Carbon Trust
13.00 Ends (Lunch)

This is the programme summary and is subject to change

SPSS Masterclass 2 (2.00pm – 5.00pm):
Sustainability Impact: Measurement & Visibility

The Latest Thinking on Metrics, Reporting & Compliance

A focused half-day session on implementing and improving the measurement and reporting aspects of your sustainable procurement strategy and how to promote your sustainability credentials and use them to gain competitive advantage. Specialist speakers and purchasing practitioners will provide a valuable overview of the latest benchmarking tools and industry standards, explaining how these can be used to evaluate, monitor and control the performance of your own organisation and provide key metrics that apply to your industry sector.

13.00 Arrival & Registration
14.00 Welcome & Introduction
Chair: Darran Messem, Associate Director, The Carbon Trust

Panel discussion and Q&A:
Measuring Sustainability & Procurement Benchmarking Tools

Key focus areas include:

  • What needs to be measured and why?
  • How to effectively assess performance and success?
15.20 Coffee & Networking

Panel discussion and Q&A:
Compliance & Reporting

Key focus areas include:

  • What is ‘best practice’ reporting of supply chain performance?
  • What is the value of reporting and going beyond compliance?
  • How to use reporting to drive behaviour?
16.50 Conclusions & Closing Comments
Chair: Aleyn Smith-Gillespie and Darran Messem, Associate Director’s at The Carbon Trust
17.00 Ends

This is the programme summary and is subject to change





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